The FitBride Experience is a completely customized approach to giving each bride the best transformation possible.


Are you a soon-to-be bride looking to find the right way to get wedding-ready?

Are you ready for a 360, all encompassing program designed specifically for brides in mind?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of having all eyes on you for the big day?

You go to a professional to make your wedding cake, to design or alter your dress, and to arrange your flowers. So why not get a professional to help you get in the best shape of your life? – experience TeamLeeFit and the FitBride Program!

"There's proof in the results"


Lost 12.2lb and dropped 11.5 inches
(Online Program)


Lost 18.4lb and dropped 14 inches
(In Person & Virtual Program)


Lost 14 pounds and dropped 10 inches
(Online Program)

What you'll get:


The 12 week training program will help you to target specific muscle groups to build lean muscle, speed up the metabolic process, and to shed body fat. With the 12 Week FitBride Experience, you can expect strength and interval training, as well as circuit based routines. All of your workouts are customized to fit your specific needs.

  • Customized plan based off your goals, body type, and dress style
  • 5 workouts per week / Twice with Coach
  • In-person, virtual, or hybrid programs
  • Customized gym / home workouts
  • Learn how to set your ultimate long-term goals by breaking them down into achievable micro goals


Start with the FitBride Kickstart Recipe Book for the 1st month of coaching, focusing specifically on whole, non-processed foods. Enter Phases 2 and 3, and you will receive our full FitBride Recipe Book, along with flexible guidance from your coach. You get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more. Your coach will support you in taking all the tools and knowledge you learn to create sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle. All nutrition phases are designed to teach you how to fuel your body properly with food, learn about macronutrients, and to better your relationship with eating.

  • Biweekly 20 min nutrition coaching call
  • Phase 1: 30 Day FitBride Starter
  • Phases 2 & 3: Learn about your customized macro plan and maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Review habits, both good and poor, and celebrate what you did each week with your coach while bringing awareness to where improvements can be made.  We have a custom app we'll invite you to that will provide you with access to your workouts, 24/7 connection to your coach, and ability to track your progress.

  • Measure you, take body fat, and 360 degree progress photos
  • Biweekly physical-progress check-ins
  • Access to our private app; 24/7 access to your coach, workouts, meal plans, and progress photos and sync MyFitnessPal food tracking

FitBride Tier 1

12 Week Program

Train with a Coach in person 2x per week
Customized Workouts on your own home/gym
Customized Nutrition Guidance
Learn about your custom macros
Recipe Book & Snack Book
Accountability Coaching calls 2x per month
Biweekly Checkins / Adjustments
24/7 Access to our app

FitBride Tier 2

12 Week Program

Train with a Coach Virtual via Zoom 2x per week
✓ Customized Workouts on your own home/gym
Customized Nutrition Guidance
Learn about your custom macros

Recipe Book & Snack Book
Accountability Coaching calls 2x per month
Biweekly Checkins / Adjustments
24/7 Access to our app

FitBride Tier 3

12 Week Program

Customized Workout Plan
Plan designed for home, gym, or bodyweight

Customized Nutrition Guidance
Learn about your custom macros
Recipe Book & Snack Book
Accountability Coaching calls 2x per month
Biweekly Checkins / Adjustments
24/7 Access to our app

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#FitBride Kate


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FitBride was inspired by one of Coach Lee’s clients who had such an amazing transformation before her wedding day. Seeing the progress she made, lessons she learned, and the joy her client had on her wedding day became inspiration for Lena (Coach Lee) to build a program that would cater to all brides: FITBRIDE.

Since FitBride's inception, hundreds of women in the last 5 years have experienced transformation under Coach Lee’s guidance have gained amazing results. As one of NYC’s top coaches, Lena has become the go-to for brides.

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Meet Lena Marti

CPT, CES, PES, WLS, and PN1 Nutrition.

Coach Lee was born and raised in Queens, NY which is where her love for fitness flourished. She was a professional dancer, featured on BravoTV’s Work Out New York, competed in 3 bikini competitions, and earned her business degree, making her the self-made entrepreneur she is today. Over the last 14+ years in the fitness industry, she has helped hundreds of clients transform into their best selves.

Through years of experience and knowledge, she built her expertise on transforming a woman’s body based on body type, programming, nutrition, and mindset coaching. She is a true master at manipulating a program to customize to a client’s wants and needs.

Our brides achieve their goals (and then some) because of the FitBride by Lee Program. There is no doubt, Lena Marti is one of the top coaches in New York City, and the coach for brides.

Meet the Team

Coach Kara

Fitness Coach

Coach Heather

MS, Registered Dietician, NASM CPT

Fitness Coach

A preview of what's to come

What's better than accessing your full FitBride Program from your phone?
I can't think of anything better either!

When you login to our app, you'll find your workouts, video examples, meal plans, progress, and more- all in one convenient place.

Be our next FitBride


Dropped 8 inches and felt amazing


Lost 15lb and gained confidence


Lost 6 inches and felt powerful

Lauren S

Felt her best on her wedding day


Lost 18.4lb and 14 inches


Dropped 26.6lb and changed her lifestyle


Lost 11lb and built muscle


Improved posture and dropped body fat


Dropped 18+lb and over 5% body fat


Lost 15lb and 13 inches off her body


Learned to trust herself and lost 6+% body fat


Lost 3% body fat and felt amazing

"A must hire for all brides looking to get into shape!

Lena and her team are a must hire for those looking to get into "wedding ready shape"! I originally hired FitBride to look and feel good on my wedding day, however through weekly training sessions, I was able to accomplish so much more - and become in the best shape of my life. Lena and team really push you to accomplish your goals both physically and mentally. I'm so happy I found FitBride during my wedding process and even stuck with them after to continue my fitness journey!"
- FitBride Ashley

"FitBride and Lena Marti are the BEST at what they do!

There is no better person in the fitness industry than Lena Marti and her team to get you in the top shape of your life for your wedding. Lena achieved things with my body that I truly did not think were possible, and she gave me the gift of feeling and looking good on my wedding day, in a dress that I still dream about, and in the photos that I look back on. What's best is that Lena doesn't just approach it as "losing weight" - she builds you a new body that is based on eating all foods and building muscle while you shed fat."
- FitBride Angela

"Hiring Coach Lee as a trainer was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

She got me into great shape for my wedding, however I didn't stop there. I continued to train after... because it was no longer about getting in shape for a specific event, but rather making a lifestyle change. The workouts were always challenging and I felt and saw the change in my body. Coach Lee's passion and dedication to her clients is what makes her a cut above the rest. She went beyond just working out and truly helped me rethink how I eat and live. The knowledge and nutritional tips I have gained are invaluable."
- FitBride Marissa

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Sign Up for FitBride and get:

• Customized fitness program based off of your goals, body type, and dress style
• Both gym and at-home workouts
• 5 workouts per week, 2 with a coach (choice of in-person or virtual)
• 12 Week Custom Goal Planner for short term and long term goals, broken into 30, 60, and 90 days.
• Phase 1 FitBride Starter and Recipe Book
• Phases 2 & 3 FitBride Recipe Book and customized macro plan
• Access to our app, giving you 24/7 access to your plans, progress, and workouts
• Check-ins twice a month with your nutrition/mindset coach

Are you ready for the FitBride journey?


  • I'm a bride wanting to feel and look my best on my wedding day
  • I am getting married and want to build my confidence for when all the cameras and eyes are on me
  • I am sick of dieting and never seeing results
  • I am ready to learn how to fuel my body and build sustainable, healthy habits
  • I am ready to achieve real and lasting results!

Not Ready

  • I want a quick and easy fix
  • I don't care about investing in myself
  • I'm not interested in feeling healthier
  • I'm not interested in getting stronger

General Questions

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