A simple and effective course to build your best body yet without dieting.

Learn how to achieve the body you've always wanted - and keep it - with my new 6 Week Dive In program.

Over the years,

I've seen women continue to damage their metabolism by jumping from diet to diet, struggling to sustain lasting results, and consistently feel miserable inside their bodies, wondering why it's so hard to just get and stay fit.

But it's not your fault.

Diet culture teaches us to crash diet, to chase unrealistic ways of eating for quick, fast results that don't last, and end up hurting your efforts to get and stay fit.

Which is exactly why I have created this 6 week Dive In Program.

Introducing DIVE IN

The ultimate course to let go of what doesn't work, let go of dieting and suffering, and to get and stay fit once and for all. Finally, say NO to crash diets that don't work and say YES to your best body yet, from the inside out. 

Here's what to expect:

Here's what's inside waiting for you:


Get 6 weeks worth of strength and cardio workouts; 9 sets of strength workouts and 4 choices of cardio, each designed to help you increase strength, stamina, and feel great. You'll receive videos for each exercise and breakdowns instructing you how to do it. You'll also get a calendar to set your week in advance.


Mix and match your meals for 6 weeks days with my personal recipes; 5 choices for breakfast, 5 choices for lunch, and 5 choices for dinner, including sides, snacks, mocktails, reward meals, and my favorite meal prep tips. You'll also get a calendar to set your week in advance.


Learn my 3 Step Approach to identify what habits have been holding you back and we'll work together to create new ones to help you reach your goals through exploration and reflection. Every 2 weeks we will address a different topic, journal, and learn how to take action to get you the body you deserve.


Every other week we'll have a group coaching call through zoom and tackle the mindset topics to really make breakthroughs towards long-lasting results. We will also have a facebook accountability group for you to stay involved. You are free to post and ask questions throughout the weeks.

What is the method behind the 3 Step Approach?

Creating Awareness

Learn how to pay attention to your thoughts, specifically around food choices in this program. In this process you are observing yourself, as if you were following yourself around. This will allow you to identify what habits and patterns show up that you might not be aware of. Being honest with yourself.⁣

Identify Behavioral Patterns, Habits, Triggers...

In the process of creating awareness, now you analyze yourself. You've begun to identify your habits and patterns, now we will identify when & where they continue to do so. This is a practice that could take time; continue to discover things about your relationship with food.

Creating New Habits & Taking Action

Once you identify your habits, you can pick out which ones don’t align with your goals. Then we'll strategize the actions steps that must be taken to create a new habit, one that does align with your goal. Once you do this; the practice is “Stop, Think, Choose, and Act"; learning to make a conscious choice that is aligned with what you want.

What's the investment?

I've helped hundreds of women build strength, muscle, and shred body fat - and now it's your turn!
My clients have spent thousands of dollars to work with me in a close, intimate set setting, and this is the first time I'm bringing anything like this to the market.
Because over the past few years, I have seen so many women work so hard, and continue to struggle.
And it prevents women from enjoying their vacations, time with their family, buying clothes that fit, and feeling fantastic.
Which means that if you don't prioritize your health now, you'll continue to white knuckle your diet, obsess over food, stress out, and lose your temper fast, and feel miserable in your clothes. 
It's because of this reason, I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as possible so that you can increase your energy and joy, and finally get and stay fit, once and for all. 
The Dive In Program may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get real results with all the support, coaching, and accountability that you need to finally stop wasting thousands of dollars on the next, latest, greatest diet that doesn't work.
So, are you in?

About Coach Lee

Coach Lee was born and raised in Queens, New York, which is where her love for fitness flourished. She was a professional dancer, featured on BravoTV’s Work Out New York, competed in 3 bikini competitions, and earned her business degree, making her the self-made entrepreneur she is today.

Through over 15 years of experience and extensive research, Lena knows how important mindset is to long-term weight loss. By encouraging her clients to look beyond the physical results, they learn self-love, self-respect, and prevent relapse along the way.