Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Why is Strength Training so Beneficial for Women?⁣

Over the years, I’ve had many women come to me and say they want help losing weight or getting stronger, but don’t want to weight train. It is a false rumor that lifting weights is going to make you bulky or take away femininity - in fact, it is so important for women to have muscle, instead of this idea that we’re supposed to be “skinny” (also if you’re new here - I don’t use that word!)⁣

What does Strength Training really accomplish?⁣

✔️Weight loss. If your goal really is weight loss, then strength-training should be your best friend. Strength training is proven to help rev up your metabolism, and burn calories both during and POST workout. Things like steady cardio can only achieve this during exercise. ⁣

✔️Building muscle. Being strong doesn’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being strong means being able to take a 2 hour walk with your friend without feeling pain or fatigued. Being strong means being able to hold your crying toddler without your arms hurting and having to put them down. Being strong means living a healthy life, and being proactive in aging against things like osteoporosis.⁣

✔️Feeling accomplished. If you’ve never experienced the feeling of accomplishment that washes over you when you know you’ve gotten stronger, then you’re missing out! When you perform strength circuits consistently, and one week you used 5lb weights, the next 8, and then eventually 10lb - making those personal records is a mood booster beyond belief. Strength training releases endorphins, and will improve your overall mood, health and happiness. That’s something worth investing in. ⁣

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to working out. As the years have gone by and more research has been done, more and more experts are seeing how much strength training can do for the human body. It’s not always about aesthetic, but about real change from the inside. Circulation improves, flexibility can improve, and chances of things like arthritis can decrease. 

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