Are you afraid to fail?

Take a moment to think about a big goal that you have. It could be fitness or health related, but feel free to open it up to anything.

What do you want for your life?

“I’m scared of failing”
“I'm scared of what they will say”
“I’m scared of being rejected”
“I’m scared of not being enough”

Do these thoughts circulate your mind when you think about what you want?

How many times do you think this and then talk yourself out of doing something brave and courageous? 

Yes, maybe you will be uncomfortable and maybe you don't know the outcome - but how will you know unless you take the plunge and try?

If you are focusing on the outcome of your goal, it means you want to control the risk you are trying to take because it’s safer. But the good news is that the outcome is not attached to you. 

Courageous people feel fear, it’s not that they don’t. But what courageous people do with that feel fear is manage and overcome the fear and take action, regardless. They don’t allow fear to disable their intention and purpose.

Fear, like many emotions, is very connected to survival. As humans, we are afraid of things that threaten our survival and comfort, and our reaction is led by an adrenaline response (which usually means that we drive to ‘fight’ or ‘flight.’) Within this, we want to naturally be safe and comfortable because that is survival. The unknown is on the other side of taking a risk so we back out and go the safe route. 

But what if that keeps holding you back from what you truly want and where your heart is leading you? What if that feeling of the inability to be uncomfortable is actually preventing you from living the life you want? From reaching the goals you dream of, but never say out loud?

My suggestion:
Try not to let emotions, whether fear or over-confidence, take over you, but think rationally about what you want to do, and what is the right thing to do in the situation. 

Sometimes you need to crush right into the fear to see what's on the other side. 

So today I ask you to Be brave and courageous. The unknown may be a scary place, but what’s far worse is saying "what if" or "I wish I did that". That will last a lifetime.


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