Our FitBride Nicki

We love to celebrate our FitBrides - their achievements, their success - but we thought it would be special to celebrate the reason they are "fit brides" in the first place - their relationships!

We thought it would be fun to do a series of FitBride Interviews - we'll ask our brides questions about their wedding, their hubby, and maybe a little about their experience with the program. We hope you'll enjoy!

FitBride Nicki:

How long were you and your [now] husband together before he popped the question? Were you surprised? How old were you two when you first got together vs. got married? 

We met in summer 2016, got engaged in fall 2019, got officially married in summer 2020 (during COVID) and had a celebration in summer 2021! I was 24 and my husband was 27 when we first met, and I was 28 and my husband was 31 when we got married.

Which did you pick first - the venue or the dress?

Venue, though we ended up not using our venue (sadly) because our wedding got cancelled due to COVID!

How did you find out about FitBride?

My sister-in-law used FitBride back in 2018 for her wedding, and I also started training with Coach Lee in 2018 (not as a bride). Once I got engaged I transitioned over to the FitBride program.

Had you ever followed a program like FitBride before?

Just prior training / food tracking with Coach Lee and her team :)

Was it hard to pick bridesmaids? Who was in your bridal party (if you had one)?

My husband and I both have big families, so I only had my sisters and sister-in-laws as bridesmaids! No official bridal party outside of family!


Who came with you to pick out your dress?

My mom, my two sisters, and my aunt all came!


Did you find planning a wedding stressful?

Nope because my mom is an event planner professionally, and she planned every detail of the wedding for me! I didn't want to be involved in most decisions and let her lead the way.

How did you pick your first dance song?

First dance song was picked by listening to the radio :)


Describe your husband in 3 words.

Kind, generous, intelligent 


What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding now? 

Don't sweat the small stuff, it's not worth being stressed about! Our wedding plans changed so many times due to COVID, and it was important to just remember what it was all about. While our wedding wasn't what we originally planned, it was amazing in its own way.

What was your favorite part about your wedding?

Dancing!! We had a celebration almost a year after our official wedding ceremony in June 2021, which was right when everything was opening back up after COVID. As a result, people were ready to PARTY and everyone truly was on the dance floor the entire night. We had so much fun!

What is the biggest thing you took away from your FitBride Journey?

Amazing results are possible with commitment, time, effort, and the right team guiding you! The hard work paid off as I looked and felt my best at our wedding celebration.

What wedding traditions did you follow? Which ones did you break?

I guess having a separate ceremony (during COVID) followed by a celebration (in a wedding dress) is a bit non-traditional, but it's what we were handed at the time! And we got two weddings out of it, so lucky us!

Congratulations to our former FitBride Nicki and her husband on their new bundle of joy!


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