Stay on Track during the Holiday Season

The end of the year can be a difficult time to maintain healthy habits. With drinks flowing, the oven baking, and friends and family around, it can be difficult to stick to the healthy habits you’ve been working so hard to create for yourself.

I want to support you in staging on track towards your goals, so I’ve decided to share my top 3 tips on maintaining healthy habits through the holidays, so you can enjoy the holiday without any guilt.

  1. Do something ACTIVE
    It’s important to get your body moving to relieve some of that holiday-eating-stress. Do something as simple as go for a walk (invite the fam!), or even make a game while watching the parade or football game (during a car commercial, jumping jacks; a department store, crunches, etc.). If you’re able to get in a full workout on your own, that’s awesome! But don’t feel like it has to be “all or nothing”. If you stay active throughout the day, you’re more likely to feel better and less bloated later. 


  1. If you’re worried there won’t be any healthy options, bring them yourself!
    Always offer to prepare a side dish to bring to Thanksgiving or holiday dinner - not only will your host appreciate you for it, but you get to guarantee there’s a healthy choice on the table! There are so many amazing recipes out there - you are STILL in charge of what goes into your own body, even on a holiday. Some of my favorites are dishes like green bean salads, sweet potato with sage, southern-style brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and maple-ginger roasted veggies.


  1. Set some “goals” for yourself - if you know that you tend to indulge on wine or drinks throughout the night, set yourself some goals and limits, and do your best to stick to them. For example, have just ½ glass of wine during appetizers, ½ during dinner, and then coffee with your dessert. If you tend to pick on the desserts, avoid the store-bought treats you could have anytime, and really enjoy those once-a-year goodies you can’t wait for. You don’t have to cut out the things you love, but have them in moderation. 


Most importantly, give yourself permission to enjoy. You know what you need to do to maintain your healthy habits, and you know this time only comes once a year. Be kind to yourself, and get back on track tomorrow.


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