Top 5 Reasons Why Having a Plan is the Key to Success

I'm sure you've been introduced to the phrase "Make A Plan" before in your life. Teachers told us this about getting all of our homework and studying done, our parents told this to us about our futures, our bosses tell us this about being the best possible. But how can having a plan benefit us fitness and health-wise?


1. Provides Clarity
One thing we love to talk about is your "Why" - Why are you working so hard to [insert goal here]? A clear plan will help you think through what you want to achieve, and to clearly picture what you need to do to get there. Being specific and clear helps to specify actions steps to take to get you where you want to be - and it also helps you to stay calm and keep feelings of being overwhelmed at bay. 

2. Provides Motivation
A key ingredient to success is to stay motivated. If you have a clear plan laid out in front of you, it's easier to stay committed to your goals, even on the days you really don't feel like doing it. When you know specifically what needs to be done, it becomes easier to stay motivated and keep procrastination out of your story. 

3. Provides Accountability
Accountability is one thing that we thrive on at TeamLeeFit. Accountability provides motivation, focus, and a reason to take action. If you are not directly accountable to anyone, it may help to tell someone your plans. This is why it's great to have a gym buddy, or of course, a trainer or coach to help keep you accountable. 

4. Saves Time
When you have reservations for a restaurant at 6, you start to get ready at 5 and you're out the door. When you don't know where you want to eat yet.. how long does it take you to leave? Think of fitness and nutrition plans in the same way. When you plan in advance when you'll go to the gym, when you're going to meal prep, when you're going to eat - by investing in time management, you end up saving time on a more daily basis. Treat each activity as an appointment, and you'll cut the "should I, should I not" game out of your plans. 

5. Promotes an Intentional and Better Attitude
Making a concrete plan promotes an attitude that is positive and focused. When you are committed to seeing your plan all the way through, you are moving towards your goal clearly, which honestly feels really good. 


Need help making a plan? This is where an accountability coach comes in. Reach out to us about how to get started. 


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