How Do I Find the Right Trainer?

How Do I Find the Right Trainer for Me?

It may feel overwhelming - you know you want to start taking your training more seriously, so you head to google or instagram or facebook and search "Trainer near me" >> The results are endless. The market is super saturated, especially if you're looking for an online program or virtual training - you could find someone anywhere in the world!

How do you "shop around" or find the right trainer for you?

First thing - make sure they are actually a certified personal trainer. Just because someone has a good body and works out a lot doesn't make them qualified to train you.

Once you weed out the non-certified options, what to do?

Here are our best tips to ask yourself:

1. Do our personalities mesh? 
You know you best, right? Think about your favorite co-worker, or your favorite teacher. What qualities do they have? What personality traits? When you have a consultation with a trainer, pay attention and see how they make you feel. Your trainer should make you feel empowered, excited, and push you without making you feel like you can't do it. Be honest with yourself, and if you like them, awesome! If not, move on and try someone else.

2. What kinds of workouts do you actually like?

Vocalize your likes and dislikes - a good trainer is creative and can give you exercises that not only challenge you, but things you like doing! If you know you hate cycling - let them know. If they're good, they won't assign that exercise to you so you don't loathe your cardio days. They'll work with you to pick exercises that you both enjoy doing and can challenge you. If you're trying to create a healthy lifestyle, you've got to create new habits for yourself... and chances are, if you enjoy the habit, you'll keep doing it.

3. How much are you willing to invest in yourself? 

A personal trainer is 100% an investment in yourself. Understand that your trainer has worked years to master their skill, and your investment always come back to you. A $100 night out to dinner each weekend could translate to a $100 session each week. Again, be honest with yourself about how much you're willing to invest in yourself and how much of a priority this is. On the other hand, if you are committed tot raining and on a budget, speak up and let the trainer know. Payment installments are often offered; you never know if you don't ask! If the coach sees how committed you are, you never know what they can do for you.

4. Where do you want to workout? Where is most convenient?
If you're planning to travel to the gym, make sure it's located on a regular route. Whether you prefer to workout in the morning so you need to stop on your way to work, or maybe during your lunch break, ideally you would like for it to be close by. If you work from home or would just rather be there, check out the gyms around you. Often if you feel like you're going too far out of your way to work out, it won't stick. Of course, if you're looking for a virtual trainer this isn't much of an issue.

5. Are you actually committed?
The biggest thing - be committed! If you are searching for a trainer - really try them. Especially if you have nerves around working for a trainer for the first time, the only way to figure out what you like is to try it. Commit to it for a set amount of time, and then make your decision. Just because you don't like one trainer doesn't mean you won't like them all! Try not to ask yourself "If I don't like it, then what?" and ask yourself the possibility of what you can accomplish. 

If you have more questions or think TeamLeeFit could be the right fit for you, let us know! We are offering a September discount for virtual training that may be the perfect opportunity for you to give it a try. Email us at [email protected].


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