Unique Wedding Ideas

One of the things we talk about a lot is how do you make a wedding unique?

Once you've been to three or four weddings, you start to notice:
The same songs being played
The same order of events
The same floral arrangements

The best weddings are the ones that represent the couple - that are true to them, their love, and what they love about each other!

Here are some unique twists on wedding traditions that might seem more like you!

1. Vows
Not everyone is comfortable public speaking, let alone sharing their inner most romantic feelings.
After doing a "first look", join your future husband or wife in private and exchange your written vows. It's much more intimate with no pressure from an outside audience.

2. Flower Man
No babies in the family or no kids invited to the wedding? Or maybe a show-boat brother in law?
"Flower Man" is sure to lighten the mood and give everyone something to laugh about.

3. No Entrances
I went to a wedding recently where both the bride and groom hate attention - they were really nervous to come out to the whole party with a DJ introduction and have all eyes on them - so they dropped it! After pictures, they simply joined the party and said hello to their guests. They still opted for a first dance, but requested everyone join them after about a minute. If you don't like something in life - don't do it at your wedding!

4. Private Last Dance

One of the things our former #FitBrides have shared is that they felt like they didn't get to see their newlywed the whole day. In order to make sure you have your moment, add a "last dance" just the two of you at the end of the party.

5. Table Cards
Instead of having numbered table cards, choose something special that reflects you and your partner. Are you travel fanatics? Have every table be a city or country you've been together. Do you hit up all the national parks together? Have each table be a park with a picture of you at the centerpiece. 

6. Don't just rely on the photographer.
Polaroid or disposable cameras to turn your friends into photographers will give you memories and momentos you can have forever that aren't always posed or choreographed.

7. Want to involve both parents in the wedding?
Have both of your parents walk you down the aisle, or include a Father/Son and Mother/Daughter dance! It's your day, you get to honor whoever you want - not just who "rules" say to.

8. Ditch the rice and the bubbles; go for lanterns.

When exiting the venue, have your guests hold lanterns instead of throwing things in the air. It's less clean up, no fire hazards, and photographs beautifully. 

What else can you come up with?


Inspired by @grandrapidsbride


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