Coach Lee’s personal mission is to touch as many lives as possible and enable positive changes; to lift her clients up to achieve their goals. This mantra is a product of her own self-determination and upbringing – a small girl from Queens turned her dreams into reality through sheer determination and commitment. If you caught her on Bravo’s “Workout New York”, a reality show based off of top personal trainers in NYC, she shared her own struggles and dreams with viewers – Coach Lee knows first hand how difficult it is to turn your dreams into reality with constant hard work and effort it takes to achieve your goals. There will be roadblocks along the way, but you can succeed if you believe in yourself and never give up. She knows this because she’s lived it.

Competitive by nature, Coach Lee qualified nationally in three NPC Bikini competitions earning recognition in the world of competitive body building. She’s also been blessed to have the opportunity to work at Equinox, Crunch, Orange Theory Fitness and most recently, Ripped Fitness. She is certified under the National Academy of Sports Medicine – holding CPT, CES, PES and WLS certifications. All of these opportunities have given Coach Lee more insight into how the concept of fitness/wellness is continuously evolving and just how important it is for clients to achieve the balance they seek in life. Now one of New York City’s top trainers, she offers programs and packages that unite physical fitness, nutrition, and mindset.


Every bride deserves to feel amazing on her special day. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. If you feel you look your best, then there’s no doubt you will be your best self on your wedding day! You’ll be glowing, feeling positive, calm, and only thinking about sharing the rest of your life with your partner… not if you look okay in the dress. Our objective is not only to help you look and feel your best on the big day, but to support you in enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime journey as well.

The preparation that goes into a wedding- choosing a venue, a band or dj, the dress, the flowers, the seating, the bridal party – it can be so incredibly overwhelming.

Have you stopped to ask yourself –
What am I doing for me?
What am I doing to keep my mental clarity?
Am I putting in effort to stay happy and healthy?

It is so important to be mindful of your wellness during this period, or else- how will you enjoy the process?

Your wedding day should be a day to exhibit your best self. What better opportunity to invest in yourself than for your wedding!

We are here for you. To help you reach your fitness goals, yes. But also to remind you to inhale and exhale, take time for yourself, and enjoy the process.


 Twice per week with a coach
❖ Custom gym/home workouts*
❖ 12 Week Custom Goal Planner for short term and long term goals broken down into 30, 60, and 90 days
❖ Goal Journal


❖ 6 Week Meal Plan
❖ 30 Day Meal Plan Kickstarter
❖ Meal plan broken down into macros
❖ Nutrition E-Book Guide


❖ Measure you, take body fat, and 360° progress photos
❖ Bi-weekly check ins
❖ Trainerize App
❖ Gives you 24/7 access to your coach, allows you to find your workouts, meal plans, and photos all in one place, and sync My Fitness Pal food tracking


❖ Opportunity of added sessions with Coach leading up to the date
❖ Customized workouts based off of *The Dress*
❖ Optional “Bridesmaids Work Out” Class
❖ Online Support Group

Price varies pending location and program
*Workouts can be customized how you need it: for example, 1x per week with coach, 4-5 “home” training sessions


“Train the mind first, and the body will follow”


Transforming your body isn’t just the result of having a great workout plan or changing your diet. It goes much deeper than that- at TeamLeeFit, we believe it is necessary to transform your mind first. How can you succeed in the long-term? Our answer: self awareness. If you can hone in on the patterns and habits that hold you back, you can transform anything in your life.


  • Through Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Learning self love, self acceptance, and self awareness
  • Learning to embrace the body you have now: Body Image
  • Learning ways to turn your bad patterns and habits into better choices and make decisions
  • Learning what your relationship with food is, and how to enhance it in a positive manner
  • Learning techniques on dealing with temptations, weakness, and excuses

Transformation happens with a specific plan and specific goal setting.
12 Week Program (12 week minimum) including:

  • Workouts with a coach
  • Home/gym workouts
  • 30, 60, 90 day custom goal planner


  • Phase 1: 30 Day Boost – 21 Day Metabolism Boost/Kickstart to healthy eating
  • Phase 2: Learning all about macronutrients and keeping your daily meals balanced
  • Phase 3: Learning Intuitive Eating

Holding yourself accountable effectively helps behavior change

  • Host bi-weekly check ins
  • Take Measurements and 360 progress photos
  • Trainerize App – 24/7 access to coach
Headed and created by Coach Lee, TEAMLEEFIT is a team of fitness professionals that work together to help you achieve your fitness goals and to become your best self. Made up of trainers with different backgrounds and specialties/certifications, we match you with multiple coaches who stay in communication about you, your progress, and your goals. This creates a network of support, motivation, accountability, and guidance all in one place. We know how often people fall off track due to lack of support or motivation, and TeamLeeFit is here to help. Offering services like personal training, nutrition, stretch therapy and more, our one objective is to help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Lena Marti

Credentials: Personal Trainer • Nutrition Coaching
CPT Certified Personal Trainer
CES Corrective Exercise Specialist
PES Performance Enhancement
PN1 Nutrition
WLS Weight Loss Specialist
NPC fitness Competitor
2x National Qualifier

Part Italian, part Puerto Rican, Lee was born, raised and hardened in Queens, New York. Excelling in dance, young Ms. Marti faced a pivotal decision early in life: should she dive into a performing arts career or inspire others to actively realize their own potential? After embracing an opportunity to train women at her neighborhood gym, the ambitious Lee proved to have the makeup of a natural born leader. Quickly finding success training at some of New York City’s top training facilities, she found both passion and talent in helping others transform their lives. She holds certifications in CPT, CES, PES and WLS, being both a skillful personal trainer as well as in group training. All of these opportunities have given Coach Lee more insight into how the concept of fitness/wellness is continuously evolving and just how important it is for clients to achieve the balance they seek in life.

Brian Jimenez

Credentials: B.S. Exercise Science
Crossfit Level1

Since 2013, Brian has been working as a personal trainer and Small group instructor for New York Sports Club. There he developed a great following of loyal clients, investing his time and resources to transform his clients’ to their ideal bodies, while focusing on providing an excellent service and being the ultimate support system. His mission is to get his clients to become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally, regardless of dysfunction or limitation. He has worked with everyone from the elderly and injured to elite college athletes. The experience and education as a performance enhancement specialist, have helped him to restore, motivate and progress all individuals to advanced levels of Fitness.

Growing up Brian had followed in the footsteps of his family, practicing poor nutritional habits, which led to him being a chubby and shy kid with little to no exercise, other than the seasonal baseball league. He found his passion in teaching and exercising in college, and pursued a degree in movement science with a focus on Personal Training and coaching. In addition to training, Brian believes in tryingnew sports and activities regularly, such as competing in USAPL powerliftingand Local Crossfit compeitions. He maintains his sanity through reading, drawing, prayer and meditation, Hot Yoga, watching movies and, above all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Coach Lee

Coach Lee (Lena Marti) is one of New York City’s most sought after personal trainers. Standing behind a brand that represents living a lifestyle suited to each individual, Coach Lee helps her clients achieve their dreams and realize their full potential through fitness, nutrition and SMART lifestyle changes.


Without Coach Lee I would not be mentally and physically where I am today. She has pushed me past what I thought were my limits and continues to do so. My focus and determination is matched by her support and knowledge. Her training method is simple because she pays attention and knows what my body needs. Coach Lee gave me these guns!

Elizabeth B.

I’ve been training with Lena for over a year and a half and in that time, I’ve lost over 17 pounds and gone down a couple of sizes. I’ve worked with many trainers over the years but she’s the first person I’ve worked with who’s tracked my nutrition, body weight and workout routine and has tailored it so that I achieve optimal results. Her workouts are fun, varied and demanding! As a trainer and competitor, she works harder than anyone I know and that serves as an inspiration to me. One’s physical body is an extension of one’s inner strength and resolve and Lena has put me back in touch with that. I’m forever in gratitude for her dedication and motivation. Team Lena all the way!


I’ve been training with Coach Lee for about a year now and the results have been fantastic. It was important for me to find a trainer that was positive, motivating, and someone who understood a dancer’s body. Coach Lee is all of this and much more. She always challenges me with her workouts and has shown me how important food is for weight loss and for a healthy body. With Coach Lee’s help, I have improved my stamina, strength, and now understand how to maintain the body that I want. I also love that Coach Lee really listens to my body and tailors her workouts to fit my needs. She is an amazing coach and I would truly recommend her to everyone!


I had been working out for over 10 years at least 5 days a week, eating less than 1,000 calories a day. However, even after all the workouts and dieting, I was never happy with my results. Following my engagement to my now husband, my focus was on getting my body perfect for the wedding. After meeting coach Lee, I could tell she was someone who could push me where I needed to be. Luckily, she agreed to train me. The program she built for me not only included HIIT and strength workouts but more food! She taught me all about tracking my macros. It made it extremely easy to see where I was lacking calories and allowed me to follow the full program. I’ve lost 16 inches in under 5 months and had a perfect wedding. I couldn’t have gotten any more compliments about my tone and the change in my body at my wedding. I can’t wait to reach more of my goals with Coach Lee!


Lena isn’t “just a trainer”. She takes the time to understand your true goals and objectives in terms of weight loss, strength gain and overall healthy living. She understands and loves the fitness space and is passionate and constantly learning, innovating and improving on her craft. Lena helps to set realistic goals, gives you the tools and knowledge to achieve success, but at the end of the day, it is up to you. It won’t be an easy ride, but definitely one worth taking!


I have been training with Lena now for just about 6 months although it feels like much longer. I approached her looking to take my fitness and overall physique to the next level. What I soon realized was that this goal of mine would encompass much more than cardio and strength training. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition from Lena. This included not only counting calories and eating foods from every group but also how to properly manage my carb, protein and fat intake per meal each day. This has been a huge learning experience for me as my nutrition has suffered and Lena has helped to educate me about proper nutrition, balanced meals and frequency of eating. Lena is constantly evaluating my program and changing exercises as I progress. She makes herself available always for any questions I have and checks-in frequently to make sure I stay on track with my eating and strength program. With her advice and support I’ve been able to see results that I haven’t been able to in the past. My meals are balanced and keep me fuller longer. I am stronger, faster, and am able to lift heavier. She keeps track of my progress by taking bimonthly photos and measures my body fat. I am excited to see how my body continues to transform over these next few months with Lena’s coaching and constant motivation.


Hiring Coach Lee as a trainer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Originally, Coach Lee got me into great shape for my wedding, however I didn’t stop there. I continued to train after my wedding because it was no longer about getting in shape for a specific event, but rather making a lifestyle change. The workouts were always challenging and I felt and saw the change in my body. Coach Lee’s passion and dedication to her clients is what makes her a cut above the rest. She went beyond just working out and truly helped me rethink how I eat and live. The knowledge and nutritional tips I have gained are invaluable.


Lena is a “one-of-a-kind” Coach! During my training with Coach Lee, she was inspiring, motivating and kept me accountable. Her coaching is exceptional and she is dedicated to the success of her clients in measurable ways. She is focused on physical form and learns your strengths and weaknesses early on to ensure a well balanced program that aligns with your goals. Coach Lee saw some physical restrictions and was able to adapt the program and exercise to ensure a healthy program to getting fit and strong. Every coaching session was different and focused on building my strength in challenging ways, but always acknowledging and listening to where i was that day and how my body was feeling. Another of Coach Lee’s many talents was being able to push you to your next level and showing you that you can go beyond and reach higher potential that you even thought. I learned alot during my training with Coach Lee and feel stronger, fitter and more confident in my abilities and capacity as someone focused on my personal health and wellness.


I first met Lena when she was a kick-ass trainer at a facility she used to work at. She inspired me then to workout harder and smarter. I started following her on Instagram and noticed she offered private training and nutritional training. I emailed her to ask for her help and the rest is history. She began helping me with my nutrition, which I believe is one of the hardest parts of working out. She made me very accountable as I had to track everything I ate and she wold check on it on My Fitness Pal. Every time I had my check in I would be more and more motivated because the numbers would go down, not necessarily the scale all the time, but inches and body fat percentages! I felt amazing and didn’t know I could do that while eating so much food. She teaches you not only how to train but how to eat smart without giving up EVERYTHING you may love! She is a phenomenal trainer and I can’t wait to work with her again, because she’s amazing.


Working with Lena in the two months leading up to my wedding, I achieved goals that I didn’t think were possible. I had tried tons of “diets” in the past, but nothing ever worked and nothing was sustainable long term. I specifically kept trying low carb diets, which were not successful for me. Lena immediately saw that I needed more carbs in my diet and I saw amazing results from following her plan. I just wish I had contacted her earlier! Lena has taught me a way of eating that is a lifestyle, not a diet, and motivates me to stay on track. Now, since my wedding, we are working toward a plan that I can live by forever. I track my food using My Fitness Pal and it is second nature to me. I have had my ups and downs post-wedding, but Lena is an amazing coach who sets realistic expectations, is positive, and is tough–which I need! Even when I have setbacks, Lena gives me concrete and achievable ways for me to get back on track. I am incredibly grateful for all that Lena has done for me, and I am excited to continue working with her to reach my goals.


Complimentary Consultation Provided