Calculate Your Macros

Finally - learn how to calculate your macros!
Before we figure out your macro breakdown, we need to calculate your:
1️⃣  BMR, your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the amount of calories your body burns while at rest. You calculate this using your weight, height, and age.

2️⃣  Next, we figure out your TDEE, your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, how many calories you expend each day while active. This number equates to how many calories per day you should be ingesting.

We’ll use formulas to calculate exactly how many grams of proteins, fats, and carbs you should be having that coincide with your goals. There are some websites that will do the calculations for you, but I think it’s important to know the details behind the madness!


In my next blog post, I will share with you what to do with your macro knowledge - now that you know how to break them down, how do you tweak them to suit your goals?


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