Get Motivated Again

Lack of Motivation

Don't you just hate it when you've been in such a good groove, and B A M - your mojo just disappears? Well, don't worry - it happens to everyone once in a while. Even me! Here are some excuses that pop in my head that make me want to not work out:

- The weather
- I’m too tired
- I don’t feel like it
- I’m sore from yesterday
- I’ll to it tomorrow
- Just one more episode, then I will

We have all been in this rut. So how do we fix it? How do we get out of the rut, and back our motivation?

Here are my top 3 tips to gaining back your Motivation:

1. Do something FUN!
The first thing is to create something fun - what kind of work outs do you do that are fun, that get you excited, instead of rolling your eyes and saying "I have to do this.."
Maybe it's not lifting weights or running for the week - maybe it's a dance class, or hiking. Pick something that creates enjoyment for yourself. And no need to work out for so long! Make it 30 minutes tops, and make it fun. No need to over-commit. 

2. Tap into your Mindset
Tap back into your mindset - what is your intention? What are your goals right now? What are you looking to accomplish? Do your actions reflect these goals? Sometimes connecting back to our initial thing we set out to accomplish helps us remember why we want to work out in the first place. Consider it a "relighting the flame under your butt". 

3. Make a Calendar
If you're anything like me, you want to see things visually to help stay accountable. Make a calendar and write your workouts in, and treat them like appointments. And make the calendar fun and pretty! Physically seeing your workouts written out can help you to stay intentional on what your goals are. 


Most of the time when I or my clients feel a lack of motivation is when we are feeling stuck - “I’m not losing weight”, “I don't want to do the same stuff anymore" - take a look at how you are setting yourself up for success - it may just be a simple tweak of your prep work. 


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