Guide to Eating at the Airport

So you booked yourself a trip, and getting ready to enjoy that vacation! You get to the airport and flight is delayed, and the choices for food are slim. There's fast food, pre-packaged sandwiches that have been sitting there for who knows how long, and you just really need to eat something. How can we prepare ourselves for the airport?


1. Pack a small, nutrient-dense snack. Or, if you didn't have time to pack it, buy it. Things like trailmix and nuts are great for satiating our appetite and giving us the healthy fats we need to make it through our day. While it's not a meal replacement, it's a great way to hold yourself over when taking a short flight. 

2. Drink plenty of water before the flight. It may be annoying to get up and use the restroom a couple times, but staying hydrated can help you stay full and avoid any headaches during the change in cabin pressure during the flight. It's super important! Just let the person in the aisle seat know ahead of time!

3. Pack a lunch. Obviously the lunch has to be safe to get through security, but something like a sandwich or a wrap can easily be taken through. Pack that wrap with protein and fats, like turkey avocado or grilled chicken with olive oil. 

4. If you have to buy your food, make proper adjustments. Go for the burger and take off the bun, or see if there's a spot for acaii bowls. Or go for the full burger, but substitute the fries.

There are plenty of creative ways to stay on track at the airport, even if the airport isn't designed for you to stay healthy!


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