Biceps: What kind of "upper body" do you strive for?


Are you annoyed that for some reason, no matter what you do, you cannot "tone" or shed fat, and build muscle in your arms?

Every woman has their own goals to wanting a "toned" upper body. Some want those toned and tight arms, while others want those Instagram-worth biceps. Most women just want to look good in a racerback tank or sleeveless dress.

No matter what your reason is, to add size and strength, to shed some fat and show off some muscle definition, chances are that you’ve found your arms to be, well, a bit stubborn!

Are certain people just simply incapable of having defined arms?

The quick answer is NO! “Toned arms” are not reserved for winners of the genetic lottery- although some may find their desired look easier to achieve.

So, if you want a set of arms that reflect the work you’re putting in, shift your mindset and your workouts. Say goodbye to days when you only did lighter weights with higher reps. If you want to add muscle and lose fat- lift heavier to actually build muscle and shed the fat to then allow your arms to look “toned.”

Loading our compound movements such as all push and pull could help.
Do not be afraid to lift heavier, you won’t get "bulky."

4 Strategies that will help you reveal the “toned arms” (or muscular, stronger, more capable) you want πŸ’ͺ

1️⃣ Increase your intensity AKA lift heavier
2️⃣ Do more Arms days (2-3x per week)
3️⃣ Work Legs (Compound movements squat, push, pull)
4️⃣ Match your nutrition to achieve your goals. (You can’t have a poor diet while shedding fat and building muscle.)

As an added bonus, here's an upper body workout to be sure you'll feel the burn

      4 x 30sec each    -   1min REST between rounds
πŸ’ͺ 90 Degree ISO double bicep curl
πŸ’ͺ Bicep curl 90Degree reach


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