Swap THIS for THAT

Swap ➡️ This for That ⬅️ ⠀

Long-lasting results are not a product of long-term dieting and elimination.

The way to achieve true, lasting transformation is to find healthy habits that work for you in the long run. ⠀
We urge our clients to identify their habits, both good and poor, and figure out what they are willing to compromise on in the long run.

A great example is with alcohol:
Is it realistic for someone who loves wine to eliminate alcohol completely from their life? Not really. They could cut it out temporarily, but eventually they will have it again and will binge because they haven't had it, and that's not healthy.⠀

What might work for them is to turn their weekly cocktail into a mocktail - and have their wine on 2-3 nights of the week only.

Or a client that really loves chocolate:
She mindlessly has a couple bites during the day, and by the evening, has had an entire chocolate bar every day, barely noticing. ⠀
Maybe instead of a milk-chocolate bar, we can have a piece of dark chocolate at night, and during the day if those cravings come up, have a chocolate protein shake instead.⠀

Elimination diets do not work long-term. Don't let go of the things you love - put some time into figuring out how to turn your habits into healthier ones, that suit your goals.⠀


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