Shakes: What Will They Really Change?

Ads for weight-loss shakes, special formulas and pills to take, circulate our mainstream like crazy. It can be tempting to give into - you work day after day in the gym, sweating on the treadmill, counting your calories - is there really a chance something could make it easier?

Let’s break this shake talk down:

Shakes as Meal Replacements:
If there are whole ingredients and nutrients in your shake, like:
Almond milk

Shakes as Powder:
If a meal replacement shake is just powder, make sure you read those ingredients. No chemical is better than whole foods are for you.

Protein Powders
If you're going to implement protein powders into your whole foods shake, look for a powder with clean ingredients, and a low carb count. I recommend So Lean & So Clean brand.

Here's the deal - i
f someone is trying to sell you a program where all you have are shakes every day:
+ Yes, you are going to lose weight because you’re not eating
+ Yes, your body is going to go into starvation mode and hurt you in the long run
+ Yes, as soon as you stop buying the shakes, you’re going to gain all the weight back

Because you didn’t actually change your habits, you just stopped eating for a week and dropped water weight really fast. The only way to make a real transformation is to make real habitual changes to your day-to-day, and see results in the long term.

The internet and instagram are awesome places filled with free information about topics you want to know about - but it can also be dangerous because people are out there just trying to make a dollar, and they’re going to go after vulnerable people - people who are so passionate about achieving their goals that they will try everything.

Do I really want to be drinking shakes instead of meals the rest of my life?
What ingredients are in this shake that are doing good for my body?
What ingredients are doing bad?

Shakes are good if they have nutrients, vitamins, are a snack, or a post-workout treat to get in the protein your body needs to recover. But just because someone with a nice body is selling a shake or diet product- doesn’t mean they actually use it and got fit that way. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


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