Cardio: How much is too much?

Do you enjoy doing cardio?
Is there such thing as "too much"?

Should you stop doing cardio?
I don't think you need to completely stop - but you shouldn't replace strength and resistance training with cardio, especially if your goal is fat loss. Ask yourself-
Why am I doing what I'm doing? Am I even happy doing this, genuinely? Am I exhausted a lot?

What should I do?
As a general suggestion, I believe implementing 2-3 days of strength training or resistance training in your regimen is important to keep you strong, healthy, maintain muscular health, healthy bones, and most importantly - keep your metabolic rate fast and high to burn calories and shed fat.

Why is it important to weight train?
There are many variables that go into this, like
Body Type
Activity Level
And of course, diet is a big factor in body fat loss. If you want to shed fat, keep your metabolism fast, maintain muscle or build muscle, the key is that post-burn. That is why strength and resistance training is so important! Post [workout] burn will keep you burning calories post workout - cardio only burns calories during the workout. 

Okay then... so how much cardio is too much?
Running for hours, or spending hours on machines for more than 5x a week is in the category of over-training. There is no reason to do more than 1 hour per day - unless you are an athlete and training for a specific athletic event. 

To keep it short and simple - diet is really going to be 80-85% of your contributer to fat loss - not over training. (Ever hear that saying "you can't out-work a bad diet"?)

Extra Tips:
This is all good information around cardio - but if you have a poor diet, that will affect most of these facts. 

Let us know what else you'd like to learn about!


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