Tips to Stay on Track While on Vacation

Since March 2021, there has been a spike in airline ticket sales. With the warm weather settling upon us and quarantine coming to an end, we've seen more people trying to get to the beach or get in a vacation somewhere. โ €
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The good news: You don't have to sacrifice all your hard work when you're away, and, you don't have to be super strict or hard on yourself and not enjoy your time away!โ €โ €
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Our Top Tips For Staying on Track on Vacation:

1. Drink lots of water
Get in at least 100oz a day to stay hydrated, especially if you're somewhere with lots of sun. This is most important! Not only does water help keep everything moving smoothly, but will also help keep you full, so there's less chance of picking at what you don't need.โ €
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2. "Plan" your Carbs ahead
Are you a dessert lover? Do you like to indulge in drinks while away? A good way to help maintain balance is to know what you like to indulge in, and just prep your day accordingly. If you know at dinner or later in the evening, you're going to have a couple drinks or a big dessert, try to stay away from carbs during the day. That way you're not overdoing it, you're just kind of replacing your intake.โ €

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3. Move!
Even if you are unable to get in a gym-workout, a run, or what have you, make sure your day has some degree of movement. Go for a walk in the town you're visiting, play a game of tag with your kids or nieces and nephews, or go swimming for a while. While the body needs rest, and vacation is great for that, by maintaining a degree of motion each day, you're staying accountable to move, and it will be easier to get back into your routine once you return home.โ €

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4. Research!
Where are you going? Is there a type of food that is special to your destination, or anything that might be more affordable? In different areas, blueberries or strawberries might be more readily available, so you can save some money while staying healthy with your snacks. Hey, maybe you can even plan a blueberry-picking-adventure!โ €โ €

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Most importantly - relax, and be kind to yourself. Vacation is meant to be a time to relax and get away.


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