How to Improve Every Day

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”.

It’s the small things we do every day that build and add up to make a real difference and change over time. This isn’t just true for fitness – it is true for all things in life.

Even though I work in the fitness industry, I also preach to my clients mindfulness – I am in the business of helping women feel whole and complete. When we feel good and satisfied from the inside out – that, to me, is being “better”.

Here are some steps you can take to improve each and every day:

1.       Ask questions. Ask yourself, “does this make me happy? Is this actually adding to my life in a positive way?” “If this doesn’t make me happy, how can I change it?”

2.       Practice being present. Try to let go of worries when you are doing something you say you enjoy. Even if it feels like you can’t let go for too long, see what it feels like to surrender.

3.       Wake up a little earlier or practice going to sleep a little earlier each night – even by 1 minute. Set your alarm, see how you feel and how much time you can add to your day or how more rested you feel when you give yourself more time, slowly.

4.       Drink more water – I know none of us are perfect at this!! Set a little timer that reminds you to sip water each day. Drink half a glass of water each morning – work your way up to one glass. 

5. Write it down. Every day, write down one thing you did well that day. Every day, you’ll start to notice how you are improving, what you’re doing well - don’t focus on what you’re doing “wrong”. You will continue getting better at getting better :)

After all, improvements are never made in the comfort zone.


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