What Does It Really Take to Make *That* Transformation?

As much as we wish it was - The transformation you see in our client's photos isn’t over night.

When you are looking at transformation pictures, your mind is just looking at the end result. It only sees that quick "before and after" as your eyes glide from one picture to the next. ⁣

What it doesn’t show you is the month to month, day to day, hour by hour commitment that it takes to get that result. It doesn't show you the ups and downs, the daily choices, the determination, or mental effort that's needed to shift a lifestyle. ⁣

So what does it really take to achieve a 25 pound weight loss? What did the woman in the picture really do achieve a side-by-side picture like that? The answer: Daily Choices.

- Food shopping weekly ⁣
- Food prepping weekly ⁣
- Daily workouts 4+ times per week ⁣
- Less eating out and ordering out ⁣
- Having a few enjoyment meals per week⁣
- Cutting back alcohol & processed foods ⁣
- Getting your daily steps in for movement ⁣
- Drinking water daily ⁣
- Eating 3-5x per day to keep your metabolism up ⁣
- Working on sleeping 7-8hr per night ⁣
- Practicing better habits that will last long term ⁣

The effort to be conscious and make these decisions, every day, they ALL add up and you can change your lifestyle for longevity. You become healthy and enjoy putting healthy things in your body. You workout because you love it and how it makes you feel. You lead a better life because your choices day in and day out support you having a better life. 

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