Best Workouts for Traveling

Many of our clients, and I'm sure many of you, either travel for work or just love to travel. I probably attract those kind of people because I'm obsessed with traveling. If you follow my Instagram you'll see I have no preferences either - the mountains, the beach, traveling alone or with a friend, all-inclusive or choose your own adventure - I LOVE IT ALL! 

I always make it a priority to make sure I move my body when I travel. Yes, I'm the crazy lady stretching in the airport LOL! If my trip doesn't already include some type of exercise (ex: hiking, walking), I try to plan ahead and bring something with me so I can stay active and get in a good workout on my trip. I wanted to share with you the best workouts while traveling, and some of the best portable equipment to invest in too!


1. Resistance Bands - These are the best to travel with; they are small, flexible, and can give you a super efficient workout. There are two types of bands: 

Bands with handles - these bands are awesome for this upper body workout: 
Squat to Row 20x3 ⁣
Pulldowns 20x3⁣

Close Grip Chest Press 20x3 ⁣
Split Squat (R,L) 15x3 each ⁣
Tricep Pull-down 20x3

Booty Bands - these bands typically go around your legs right above or below your knees. Try:
Banded Lateral Walks - 20 steps R,L
Banded Clamshells - 3x20 each side
Straight Leg Glute Kick back 3x15 each side

Glute Kick Back to Hydrant 3x10 each side


2. Jump Rope - Jump ropes are so light and easy to travel with, and so fun to create your own workout! I recommend trying 1 min on, 30 sec rest for 20 minutes to get your heart rate up.


3. Towel - Whether you bring your own towel or use one from the hotel, a towel can be used for resistance workouts, core strengthening, and of course dabbing off the sweat after a good workout.
Try folding the towel and placing it under your low back for this core workout:
Balance Crunch 3x12
Balance Rotation 3x16 (total)
Make sure you press your low back into the towel to really stabilize the core. Don't forget to breath!!


4. Portable Pull Up Bar - If you're going somewhere that you're driving and can pack as much as you want, go ahead and grab your pull up bar. I have one at home that I use for pull ups and chin ups, and the one I've linked here is expandable to fit any doorway, and doesn't need to be screwed in or mounted. Perfect for a workout on the go! Try this AMRAP workout:

AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible): 12-15min
Pull Ups - 1 min
Mountain climbers - 1 min
Jumping Jacks - 1 min
Squats - 1 min


5. Gliders - Gliders are super sleek and small, you won't even know they've snuck into your suitcase. If you don't have gliders, you can also use paper towel, regular towels, paper plates - really anything that will allow you to slide on whatever ground surface you've got. Pros make using gliders look super easy, but they really require a strong core! Try this glider workout:
Glider Army Crawl 3x12
Glider Knee Tucks 3x12
Glider Mountain Climbers 3x15 each side
Glider Pike Hold 3x45 sec

Your core better be burning after that one!



I practice what I preach when I say fitness is a lifestyle. I crave moving my body because of years and years of disciplining myself to practice this habit. Move your body every day!


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