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What are the benefits of having a trainer while pregnant?

Many of our clients start out with us because they're looking to improve their workout game, look and feel good.

Many of these clients turn into FitBrides... where do they go from there?

For example, client T started off with TeamLeeFit to get in shape, evolved to #FitBride, and now she is a #FitMom! She continued to work out during her pregnancy, and once was cleared to do so, jumped back in with us again after having her baby. She lost over 15 pounds and had an amazing transformation.

...So what are the benefits to having a trainer *while* pregnant?

First, you of course need to talk to your doctor and find out what’s right for you.

If you work out consistently, your body better understands how to recover quickly. If you are able to continue training during your pregnancy, it sets you up to be more likely to recover faster after giving birth when you eventually go back to training again. Your body understands how to change and recover smoothly and quickly. 

If you are used to working out and know how healthy it is for your mental health and clarity, then you’ll find that continuing to train while pregnant can be so important. Continuing to train and maintain your strength and self-care, you are reminded that you are gaining weight for a good reason, which can be super beneficial to some people that struggle mentally with the challenge of weight loss and gain. It helps to remind you how strong you are and how important it is to stay healthy with exercise and nutrition for both you and your baby. 

Again, as long as it’s cleared by your doctor, don’t get scared to continue to move while pregnant. It can be extremely beneficial, both physically and mentally, to train during this awesome time. 

If you've been cleared for workout while pregnant, or are looking to get your strength back after your baby, let us know how we can help you!


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